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                                                Pastor Nathan & First Lady Shunda Justin

Anointed to minister to the soul and spirit of the saints through the spoken word and music, Pastor Nathan and First Lady Shunda Justin are humble servants of God. Nathan and Shunda met in September 1991 at the Good Samaritan Cathedral C.O.G.I.C. in Oakland CA. 

In April 1992 they were married and soon started a family of their own, raising their three children. The Lord led them and their family to Emmanuel Christian Center in Fairfield, California where they served under the leadership of Pastor Vernon Jones. It was there that Nathan first acknowledged his calling to the gospel ministry and was ordained as a minister of the Gospel.


In 1997, upon beginning a career as a correctional officer with the California Department of Corrections, Pastor Nathan and his family moved to Salinas, California where they attended Bethany Community C.O.G.I.C. under the leadership of Pastor Gerald E. Harris.

Pastor Nathan served as a minister there for five years. In 2001 he received a promotion to Correctional Sergeant and transferred to the California State Prison in Solano County the following year.


Together Pastor Nathan and First Lady Shunda attended S.O.U.L.S. Ministries under the leadership of Dr. Ron and Dr. Gert Cooley. Soon after, Pastor Nathan was ordained as an elder of the church and Youth Pastor. 

Having been called by God and led by the Holy Spirit, as an elder, pastor, and teacher, Pastor Nathan began using the gift of his voice to draw and lead others to Christ. In January 2010, Pastor Nathan and First Lady Shunda launched Living Waters Worship Center from their home living room where they conducted Praise & Worship and Bible Studies. 

Since then, their ministry grew exceedingly, leading them to hold services at the Residence Inn Hotel, and finally to our church home building at 260 Link Road in Fairfield, California. The lives of Pastor Nathan and First Lady Shunda are a true reflection of God’s goodness, which is evident by the conviction and passion that radiates throughout all they do. Under the leadership of Pastor Nathan and First Lady Shunda Justin, Living Waters Worship Center strives to be a biblical ministry of excellence, designed to bring about life transformation through the teaching of the Word of God (The Holy Bible) to others. 

We seek to fulfill our purpose by evangelizing our community and surrounding areas, educating and equipping the men and women of God to serve and to live a holy life with integrity and faith in God. Living Waters Worship Center strives to be loving and compassionate toward others, while remaining faithful in our service, and energetic and reverent in our worship to God. We welcome you with caring hearts and open arms.


Prepare for the blessings of GOD to flow in your life with rivers of Living Waters!

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